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I-80 Road Trips

I-80 doesn’t have to be a long, boring drive… You’re a little ahead of schedule and you’ve got a few extra hours, so what’s your hurry? Why not take an I-80 road trip? Get off the Interstate and discover the real America… small towns, scenic coastlines, historic communities and some of America’s most enjoyable I-80 road trips.

Millstone Valley Scenic Highway | I-80 Exit Guide
I-80 Road Trips

Millstone Valley Scenic Byway

The Millstone Valley Scenic Byway is designated as an official “America’s Byway“.Millstone Valley Scenic Highway is approximately 28 miles long. You should allow about one

Lake Erie Coastal Trail | I-80 Exit Guide
I-80 Road Trips

Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail

Experience 12,000 years of history along Lake Erie. Visit the Lake Erie Islands, coastal marshes, prairies, rivers, and waterfalls. Follow tales of early shipping and

Lincoln Highway | I-80 Exit Guide
I-80 Road Trips

Lincoln Highway

Travel through urban cityscapes, cozy riverfront towns, and rolling prairie on Illinois’ 179-mile portion of the Lincoln Highway. From its eastern portal at Lynwood to

Illinois River Road | I-80 Exit Guide
I-80 Road Trips

Illinois River Road

The Illinois River Valley imparts feelings of awe at the power of the river winding its way through a land form carved by glacial melt

Loess Hills Scenic Byway | I-80 Exit Guide
I-80 Road Trips

Loess Hills Scenic Byway

The Loess Hills of western Iowa are truly an American treasure. The outstanding prairie and forest-covered bluffs draw people from around the world. With an

Logan Canyon Scenic Byway | I-80 Exit Guide
I-80 Road Trips

Logan Canyon Scenic Byway

From Logan to Garden City, this byway parallels the Logan River through Logan Canyon, passing through dense forests, lush meadows, rugged rock formations and panoramic