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Scotrun Diner Restaurant – Scotrun, PA

If you’re in the mood for some tasty, affordable grub that’s different from what you’ll find at your typical I-80 exit, check out Scotrun Diner Restaurant. It’s right off I-80 westbound, exit 298 at the end of the ramp (PA 611). The service is super friendly – the folks there really make you feel at home.

We dropped by for breakfast and I gotta say, their diced fried potatoes were bomb! They weren’t greasy at all and had tons of flavor. The eggs and coffee were great too, and they even had Pork Roll (aka Taylor Ham) on the menu – I thought that was only a Jersey thing!

Oh, and the person ringing us up was so on point that they read my name off my credit card and used it when they spoke to me. All in all, I totally recommend giving Scotrun Diner Restaurant a try!


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